Our values
WI Life Sciences was established to provide professional development opportunities for scientists and technicians employed in biopharmaceutical and life science research.  Our philosophy remains as it was when we began in 2006, to design, develop and deliver education and training that is accessible, engaging and highly focussed.  

Our focus
As biopharmaceutical scientists and educators, we know how data quality and ethical awareness underpin regulatory and legislative compliance, decision making and patient safety.  By using the most effective principles of learning and methods of delivery, we aim to create a workplace culture that is based on awareness and understanding.         

High focus, simplicity, high engagement, visualisations and interactivity define our work. By utilising a range of creative software, we help you to deliver scientific, regulatory and legislative content, in formats that ensure your key messages stick.   

With us you invest in scientific insight, professional educational design and creative technologies

Simplifying complex science using visuals, context and focus

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Creative learning

The generation of data is one thing, the way it is communicated defines how well it is interpreted by others and ultimately it`s impact on your employees, key stakeholders and peers.
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Failing to engage an audience means your message will be ineffective, regardless of how important it is.
— Nancy Duarte, TED speaker and best selling author

It`s not about delivering information, its about inspiring.
— Leticia Cavagnaro, Stanford

We prefer to show examples of our work rather than talking about what we can do
Take a look at just a few examples of our Prezi`s, data visualisations and bio-illustrations. created specially for our website.  Now imagine how we could breathe life into your presentations & projects.