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Delivering a presentation puts you firmly in the spotlight and provides a unique opportunity to promote you, your product and your ideas.  Unfortunately we often miss the opportunity to make an impact through a poorly designed presentation.  Diluting key messages in text-heavy slides, a lack of clarity and focus and a failure to engage will leave your audience underwhelmed and a potential opportunity lost for failing to stand out or be memorable.   

PowerPoint or Prezi?

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Contrary to what many believe, PowerPoint is a flexible and extremely capable tool for designing slides and has great functionality.  "Death by PowerPoint" is a creation of the presenter, not the software.  Prezi is increasingly used as a more creative alternative to PowerPoint.  Prezi is developed on a single canvas and has a "zooming" feature allowing presenters to focus on specific information and put this into context by "zooming out" to see where it fits in a bigger picture.

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Want a re-design of your existing presentations or a completely new approach? We have designed and developed over 100 scientific presentations for our customers. Our aim is the same for each one - make it memorable.