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— Harvard researchers

Take a look below at a few more science prezi`s designed & developed by us


Trends in heart disease in the UK

Great progress in medical science during the last 50 years means more people now survive heart attacks and live with heart disease.  Despite this, heart disease is still the biggest cause of mortality in the UK.  This Prezi takes a brief look of the trends in heart disease over the past 50 years.

The benefits and challenges in the formulation and delivery of biopharmaceutical drugs.

We developed this Prezi by summarising a recently published scientific paper that highlights some of the benefits and challenges in the development and delivery of new medicines to patients.  Our aim was to create a visual summary of a complex aspect of the drug development process. We believe this format provides an accessible and engaging platform for those wishing to look at the science in more detail.   

The worlds top 10 pharmaceutical companies

A themed Prezi outlining the position of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies (by revenue).  It can be used as a standalone Prezi (clickable or touchscreen) or converted to video.

the drug development process

Prezi outlining the time, cost and different stages in the development of a new medicine.  The detail in this Prezi can only be seen by "zooming" in.  This minimises clutter on the canvas and ensures the bigger picture remains in focus. 

vermin or cure for cancer?

Paying homage to the humble mouse.  An educational Prezi that outlines the significant contribution of these small rodents in researching and developing life-saving human medical treatments.